The neighborhood is located in the southwestern section of Jerusalem, also known by it’s other name Gonenim. Following the war of independence the neighborhood began to be populated by new immigrants from North Africa to Israel. Most of the buildings in the area are quite old, but it is full of lovely private homes with their own gardens set in small streets. In recent years some new buildings have begun to appear and they in no way detract from the character of the neighbourhood. As a result of the eclectic group of people that first settled in Katamonim it is home to a number of different synagogues and those of you who wish to attend services will have a great time exploring them all and their different characters. The main advantages of living in Katamonim are all related to its location. It is close enough to the center of town that as long as you don’t mind a bit of a walk you can get there at any time of day or night with minimal effort. Public transportation runs extremely regularly throughout the week. Furthermore, a short walk in the opposite direction takes you to Malcha shopping centre. Park HeMesilla also passes through Katamonim. This is a lovely new park which leads to the recently renovated Tachana Rishona, the first train station. There you will find a great mixture of cafes and restaurants catering to all tastes and there are also regular live music events which are always great fun. Emek Refaim, Talpiyot and Derech Bet Lehem are also within walking distance. Emek Refaim is a street that is packed with restaurants and cafes which offer a great atmosphere. Furthermore, there is a small neighbourhood cinema there which is also home to a lovely bar and restaurant. The same is true of Derech Bet Lehem street. Surrounding and within close walking distance are the middle and upper class neighborhoods of Old Katamon, San Simon, Greek and German Colonies, Baka and the gentrified Mekor Chayim and Talpiot. Talpiot is Jerusalem’s industrial area, this means that not only is it home to every kind of shop you could possibly need, but it is also home to cinemas, bars and clubs. Due to the high prices in the neighboring areas, many young couples, overseas buyers and investors have begun buying into the neighborhood in new projects and renovating the older buildings Overall, Katamonim is a neighborhood that is undergoing great change. Nowdays, the community is comprised of the old and the young, those that have lived there for most of their lives and those that have recently moved in. the population is a mixture between religious and secular people. Public Transportation: bus stations: 7.