Ein Kerem

Ein Kerem is a pastoral neighborhood located in western Jerusalem with a rich history beginning in the Bronze Age and continuing through the Byzantine Era. Liberated by Israel in the war of loberation in 1948, the area has retained its old world charm and pastoral atmoshphere. The breathtaking beauty, the elegant simplicity and the charm of this place are especially touching. There is a grace in every fence, wall and path, and you can wander through the alleyways for hours, enjoying every moment. Modern develpments have not yet reached this scenic neighborhood and it remains a pastoral village, cut off from the bustle of the city. It was established as a Jewish neighborhood in 1949. Populated first by immigrants from Morocco and Romania, Ein Kerem has passed into the hands of professional people in the past two decades. A center for Christian tourism as a result of the many churches and Christian historical landmarks, Ein Kerem has also become a chic and New Age location for coffee and there are many fine restaurants for connoisseurs and quaint guest rooms offering relaxing hospitality in authentic surroundings. Artists inspired by Ein Kerem’s beauty have settled here to paint and display their works to the public. Ein Kerem is incredibly popular with Israelis seeking to escape the city. Public Transportation: bus stations: 7.